Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween

Today we had a fun filled and busy Halloween Day!  This morning we did some pumpkin math and had some volunteers come in to help us carve pumpkins.  Thank you all that came in, we couldn't have carved without you!!  In the afternoon we did a pumpkin launcher STEM project.  We split up into 7 teams and made different launchers to launch the pumpkin across the room.  Each team made a great launcher and were very creative in their approach.  It was a great day and fun to see all of the different and unique costumes.  Thank you to our Halloween Committee for bringing in great treats to share with our class today as well!  Have a wonderful Halloween Night!
 Fourth Grade Team and Paraprofessionals

 Pumpkin Launcher Champs!!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Apple Tower Challenge

This afternoon we did a STEM engineering challenge thanks to Mrs. Allen for the idea.  Teams had to make a tower for their apple using only the supplies given.  Supplies included a paper bag, plate, cup, bowl, 3 pencils etc... Their goal was to get their tower as tall as they could.  It was definitely a challenge for some as one student stated, "everyone had different ideas and it was hard to agree on what to do."  They had to draw out their design first and build second.  Many groups said their first designs didn't work out.  Overall I think there was some frustration but a lot of fun with trying to keep their towers up.  Team 6 won today with a total height of 60 cm.  Awesome job everyone!  Everyone even got an apple thanks to Kale who brought apples for his birthday treat!! Happy Birthday Kale!