Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Will we ever have a full week of school?

We love having snow days!  We had a snow day on Monday and a late start last Wednesday. 
            Last Friday we said goodbye to our CAP student Bailey.  Bailey brought us cupcakes and we all made her thank you cards for working with us.  We also read to Mrs. Delzer’s 2nd grade class.  The second graders were excited that we finally got to read with them. 
            Today we started our Science Fair projects in Science.  We chose our own partners to work with.  We are building cars, windmills, cranes and balances out of Legos. 
            Happy belated birthday to Giselle and Lydia! J

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  1. We LOVE reading with you! We can't wait until Friday to read with you again! Your class rocks! :)